The Gilder Center in Pictures



  • Destruction of 11,600 sq. ft. of public park land (approximately 1/4 acre) and 7 mature canopy trees

  • Construction of a 105-foot-high addition, equivalent to an 10-story building

  • 600,000 - 1 Million new visitors drawn to the new entrance alone

  • An estimated 3-5 years of demolition and construction lasting until 2021, where 2+ acres of additional parkland are inaccesible

  • Disruption of toxic materials on the building site, including: organic lead, asbestos, PAH's, benzene, nickel, and industrial solvents

  • Creation of over 203,000 sq. ft. of new facilities

  • New facilities which will not advance science education, but are primarily a multi-story entry hall, a café, a larger gift shop, an auditorium, and a below grade loading dock & service drive

  • The “large civic space” will be used as revenue-generating event space, not for science education


The current proposal contradicts the AMNH's mission, and the proposed uses do not warrant destroying a cherished public green space and endangering an entire community in the process.





Community United to Protect Theodore Roosevelt Park supports science & education - we see inspiring children and adults alike to love our planet, enjoy nature, and pursue scientific inquiry as an important mission. We urge the AMNH Board of Trustees not to subvert their own core mission and in turn


There are many creative alternatives available to the AMNH that would further its educational goals and improve the visitor experience without requiring the community to sacrifice beloved green space. Unfortunately, at this time the AMNH is determined to ignore those alternatives and has dismissed them without due consideration. 


In addition to protecting public land in Theodore Roosevelt Park from demolition and permanently changing the fabric of our community, we seek an exploration of opportunities for responsible growth on the AMNH's present site and solutions that will preserve the both the AMNH visitor experience and the unique qualities of the neighborhood for long into the future.

How the AMNH's Environmental 

Statement Falls Short

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