Be a Park Protector!


The American Museum of Natural History received approval from the Dept of Parks to move forward with the Gilder Center proposal, but still require the NYC Dept of Buildings to issue the permits and paperwork that will allow the AMNH to begin construction.  Any construction undertaken before permits are issued would be illegal. Community United continues to monitor the situation carefully as our legal challenge is prepared. 


That's where you come in...

See Something? Say Something.


Step 1: Keep a close watch. Whenever you're out walking your dog, running errands, or just spending quiet time in the park - if you see something, say something!


Step 2: Take a picture on your phone of any activity in the park, particularly near the proposed building site at W. 79th St. & Columbus Ave. Hardhats, plans, and equipment, or fencing are all elements of interest. If you can, ask questions of anyone you see working. 


Step 3: Let us know what you see immediately! Email your pictures & information on activity in the park to: protecttrpark@gmail.com with the subject line: “Park Watch.”


Remain vigilant! Many in the neighborhood will travel over the holiday season and it’s possible the AMNH will act at anytime.


Want to be official? Click the sample image above or follow this link to download and print our TR Park Watch arm-band. Wear it proudly anytime you're in the park.

Contact Your NYC Elected Officials


It's time we heard our elected officials speak up and speak out for protecting our parks. Even better than vocal support? ACTION. Your participation is essential to demonstrate that the people most affected by the AMNH's plan are NOT in favor of destroying parkland & endangering an entire neighborhood. 


The best way to tell them is to CALL. Call today, call tomorrow, and call again the following day. 


Our elected officials at all levels of government - local, city-wide, state & federal - need to know that their constituents oppose the AMNH's plan. We must tell them that we will not allow the Museum to steal public green space and ask us to pay the bills in service of a building plan that endangers our park and our community.Together we can politely, but firmly, insist that they do more than pay lip-service to green building, climate change, and community involvement. We can insist that they ACT to put the needs of their constituents first. Use our scripts below or write a letter and say NO!

Let's call our NYC elected officials and find out where they stand of this important quality of life issue! 

Call. Call. Call. (or Write!)

Never Called or Written an Elected Official Before?

Don't Stress. We've Got You Covered!​


Check out our calling scripts and draft letters to get started today!

More Ways to Help

Show Up!

Town Hall meetings, public comment, information session &

board hearings - having strong community presence and vocal participation at these events is critical.


Don't miss an opportunity to make your voice heard - sign up for Community United’s updates!

Spread the Word

  • Email our petition to friends and neighbors and ask them to show their support.

  • Share how you enjoy our beautiful park and tag your photos with @protecttrpark and #savetrpark on Facebook & Instagram

  • Follow us on Twitter @protecttrpark and re-tweet to your followers



Community United is a local, grass-roots organization entirely funded by contributions from people like you.

Make a gift and help make sure we have the necessary legal and scientific advice to oppose this plan and protect our park.


You can also circulate information from this website (click here for resources you can print) to people in your network.


Every dollar counts and is deeply appreciated!

Community Outreach

Love meeting new people? Belle of the ball at a cocktail party? Know a ton of your neighbors?


You’re perfect to be one of our building captains or join our street canvassing team and let your community know more about this project. Sign up here!

Share Your Skills

This is a grassroots organization where everyone can contribute. If you have a talent you can use to help – let us know!

  • Take great photos?

  • Have excellent web or graphic design skills?

  • Write pithy copy?

  • Know media contacts and how to pitch a story?

  • Rock out your social media accounts?

Volunteer today!
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