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Who We Are:

Neighbors & Concerned Citizens

Community United to Protect Theodore Roosevelt Park was established in 2016 after the American Museum of Natural History, a private institution, released plans for a building expansion into a public park that significantly reduced public green space and threatened the health and community-centered character of the neighborhood.

Since then long-time residents and relative newcomers alike have banded together to pursue our guiding mission of protecting every square inch of public parkland from private development.

We have raised funds to retain legal counsel, Michael Hiller, and hired a world-class engineering firm to conduct an independent environmental impact study.We have never wavered from our goal. Our rallying cry is, "Not one tree and not one teaspoon of dirt shall leave our park in the museum's expansion!"

The museum’s proposal calls for an extensive and enormous project. Recommendations made by our members - who are architects, builders, landscape designers, physicians, and educators - that would meet the museums objectives without devastating the park have fallen on deaf ears.We respect the museum’s contributions to scientific knowledge and education, but we will not trade our beloved park – a precious resource and treasured landmark in it’s own right – for a glossy, brochure-ready building.


Theodore Roosevelt Park is a place where children learn to ride bikes, neighbors talk under the soaring trees, and dogs play. Its sidewalks have been marked with the chalk drawings of future artists, its gardens a shelter for birds, and people have rested on its graceful benches for generations. It cannot be replaced or recreated once the cement is poured and the steel girders go up.


Please join us to save our park!

OUR MISSION: To protect every square inch of Theodore Roosevelt Park by mobilizing the local Upper West Side community and lovers of park land everywhere to vocally oppose private development projects.

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Community United To Protect Theodore Roosevelt Park is incorporated under the laws of New York and is a 501(c)3 not for profit charitable organization (EIN 81-1340091). Donations to Community United are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.